Bastion and Learning a Map

Bastion is a strange character, to truly master him you will require a knowledge of Overwatch’s maps like no other. Thus it is important to know every inch of these maps to become effective, finding positions where you can’t be flanked as well as looking for choke points that you can take advantage of.

In a public match, Bastion will dominate. Excelling in both defending and capturing objectives, if your teammates are having difficulty you alone have enough firepower to push the objectives alone. I must remind you, if you’re low on health, use self-repair, the animation ends instantaneously and this can be used to your advantage.

In the Payload game-mode especially, Bastion has the tools to win a match on his own. I wouldn’t be surprised if the meta becomes everyone playing him. This is due to Bastion’s ability to halt the advance of enemy objectives, and maintain your team’s progress when on the offensive. He can even give that extra couple of metres on the payload, as currently Bastion can turn into a turret whilst on the payload. When your team recovers, Bastion can get out of the firing line, self-repair and get right back into the action.

It may be the case that he is the strongest all-round character. He can output huge amounts of damage, whilst being at no risk to himself, and if you feel at risk he can repair that taken damage. His ultimate, Configuration: Tank, may be one of the best for high-level players in a public match, as it gives him both a low-profile and high single-shot AoE damage, meaning it is both easy to get kills and hard to get killed by people on the same elevation.

Remember those choke points I mentioned earlier? One would argue that no map in Overwatch has any choke points and you’d be right. Despite this new and mid-level players will consistently take the same route through a map, even if it leads them to their deaths, I know I used to did it myself. How can we take advantage of this?

Let’s use the first Attacking Spawn on Anubis for this example, after leaving the main door the player can choose to go through a large center door, or the small door to the left. Did you know about the small door to the left? If so, congratulations you know the map better than most.

Bastion’s largest weakness is an inability to gain information on his own, but by knowing of these habits you can not only better support your team, but also forces the enemy team to re-route, as if they do not, it would be detrimental.

From all this, it almost sounds as if Bastion is overpowered. He very well may be, but only in public matches. Remember that Bastion relies on information that his team-mates deliver him, so that each Configuration switch is not wasted. Also, when Bastion is using self-repair, he is susceptible to sudden high damage, so team-mates need to keep him informed, especially the locations of these high damage classes.

This is why in competitive play, Bastion could actually be very weak on the defending team. He needs support from other characters to be able to reach his full potential. The snipers, Widowmaker and Hanzo, should be picked in supporting role if Bastion is on the team.

One of the best things about Bastion is that he can be picked at any point in a line-up, as the characters that counter him don’t need to be feared and he the characters that he counters, he decimates. The best time to choose Bastion is half-way through a team draft, as by that point you can see if he’s going to be good choice.

Bastion does have his counters, as does any character, though his are less direct. If Bastion is the immovable object, and there is an unstoppable force, Reinhart. Reinhart’s charge goes straight through Bastion’s shield, and Reinhart’s shield makes a Bastion feel useless.

The second threat Bastion needs to look for is Hanzo, firstly the sonar arrow quickly spots him, then the ricocheting arrows will force Bastion to reposition and Hanzo’s ultimate wouldn’t be wasted if it only killed a Bastion.

Bastions should also be checking their surroundings for a Tracer. She doesn’t directly counter Bastion, though she can deal with him. Her teleport gets Tracer past a turret Bastion quickly, and it’s easier to stick a target that isn’t moving.

Bastion does counter a few characters though, this is primarily because of his shield and damage-output. Widowmaker finds it difficult to deal with Bastion, as he matches her range. Also Bastion’s shield soaks up the damage from Widowmaker’s sniper rifle, making her life even harder.

He also does well at dealing with Mercy, as he can out-damage her healing beam. So once he rips through whoever she’s healing, well we know what happens next. A similar outcome occurs when facing off against Lucio, however a good Lucio player can out-maneuver Bastion.

Bastion’s Self-Repair can also deal with Zenyatta’s Orb of Discord (a damage of time debuff), but the robot himself should always be out of your range. If it helps, Bastion will be able to handle McCree, as the flash-bang can’t get through the shield and McCree doesn’t have enough damage to burst it himself.

As Sun Tzu once wrote in that book that he wrote, “Thus the expert in battle moves the enemy, and is not moved by him.”


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